My name is Bernhard Flinks. I was born on 15.09.1959 in Borken/ Westphalia. There I began with Schutzhundesport with my first German Shepherd (Blitz vom Sternbusch) in the Shepherd location group Borken.

On the 1st October 1976 I took up service as a police officer in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. After the end of my training I worked in Düsseldorf until the 1st October 1981. Then I switched to the state police of Schleswig-Holstein and joined the location group of Hanerau Hademarschen.

After the death of Blitz I bought the German Shepherd whelp Ingo vom Sternbusch from the same breeder. With this dog I attended the police school for dog handlers in Eutin and in 1986 I also trained him as an explosives detection dog.

In 1984 I founded the community for dog-fanciers. Two years later, in 1986, I founded the German Shepherd location group Pahlen. Up to this day, I'm still its chairman, instructor and one its helpers.

I'm very happy that my son Michael started Schutzhundesport in 2002 and is also one of the helpers of my location group. With his female German Shepherd he already participated in two state competitions and three German juvenile championships. Furthermore,  in 2005, he was appointed most successful adolescent in the LG 01.

In 1989, I bought the male whelp Packo vom Höllbachgrund and simultaneously trained him for Schutzhundesport and as a police dog. After Ingo's death, Packo became my police dog in the year 1991.

With 99 points in schutzdienst I came off second-best in Karlsruhe in 1994 with Packo.  In the following year, I qualified for two FCI world championships and the WUSV world championship in Budapest (team victor respectively). Besides, I took him to several police championships. With the nine-year-old Packo I also come off second-best in the International German Police Championships in Lübeck.

In 1983, I also bought the two-year-old Eyra Op de Hyde with whom I twice qualified for the BSP and an FCI world championship (team victor). 

As a breeder I also bred six litters with Eyra under the kennel name “von der Dithmarscher Schweiz“.

Since 1995 I have been teaching seminars in Germany and abroad. Those are seminars on the training of schutzhund, seminars for schutzdienst helper and seminars for the police (special dog trainings and schutzdienst). In addition to Packo, I also handle the very difficult male German Shepherd “Itor Op de Hyde“ in Schutzhundesport and police service.

At the moment, I handle the very dominant and aggressive male Shepherd “Fels von der Schiffslache“ in police service and Schutzhundesport. Besides, I also train my own Shepherds “Ben von der Liszt“ and his sister “Briah von der Liszt“ in the Schutzhundesport.

In addition to my profession as a police officer I also run a bording kennel for dogs and cats and a pet obedience school.