When I made second place at the national championship for the title
"Bundessieger" in Karlsruhe in 1994 with "Packo vom Höllbachgrund", I was
invited to teach seminars on my methods of Schutzhund-training in Germany
and since 1999 in other foreign countries as well. In those seminars which
usually last several days, I demonstrate the theory and practice of my
concept of training and instruct the participants and their dogs.

During these seminars I dwell on all aspects of Schutzhund and VPG as well
as on particularities of working as a helper.

In the last couple of years there has been an increased demand for my
seminars on all aspects of the training of police dogs (personal Schutzhund,
training for body- , drug-, and bomb- tracking dogs, tactical conduct with
dogs, helper training) abroad.

A list of past or future seminars is available in the "setup" section.